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Opening Concert

Thursday 23 February 2023 19:00
at Huset

Welcome to the official opening of the 6th edition of the world’s northernmost classical music festival, the Arctic Chamber Music Festival 2023!

Meet the festival artists Henning Kraggerud and Peter Richter, at the historic venue of Huset, full of memories and hidden stories from Svalbard. Together with the musicians of the Arctic Philharmonic, they will give you an evening filled with classical music.

Huset also hosts a restaurant and bistro which has Nordic flavours and local ingredients in focus. They also have one of Scandinavia´s largest wine cellars with over 15,000 bottles. A piece of Svalbard history within the walls and Arctic nature right outside the door.

Henning Kraggerud, violin
Petter Richter, guitar
Marcus Paus, composer
Arctic Philharmonic’s chamber orchestra
Longyearbyen Blandakor, led by Markus Eriksen


Clara Schumann, Romance op. 22, 1.movement “Andante molto”

Edvard Grieg, From the Holberg suite
1. Preludium
4. Air
5. Rigaudon

Ludwig van Beethoven, from String Quartet op. 18, no. 4 in c-minor. “Allegro ma non tanto”


Marcus Paus, Decameron for guitar og string orchestra

Extra: Bøhren / Åserud: Svalbardtema (Svalbard theme), with orchestra and choir


Tickets: 350kr / 250kr (student) includes an apéritif

Single ticket sales available from 1. November at 0900 hrs.

*This concert is part of the festival pass


Photo: Kauko Kikkas
Photo: Yngve Olsen
Photo: Eva Grøndal
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