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Music and food at Polfareren (Saturday)

Saturday 24 February 2024 at 20:00
at Restaurant Polfareren
Photo credit: Foto: Terje Nilssen

If you are a foodie and a music lover, this is your evening! Inspired by the Nordic cuisine, menu based on the season’s best ingredients, Restaurant Polfareren provides a breath of fresh air on the Arctic food scene. This special evening we’ll pair the excellence of the restaurant with storytelling and classical music, presented by some of the festival artists.

Music and Food will be presented the following days:

Friday 23. February, 20:00

Saturday 24. February, 20:00

Close up photo cello

Photo: D. Gonzales

Inspired by the polar history

Restaurant Polfareren has taken the name of Norwegian polar explorer Eivind Astrup (1871 – 1895), the young man who joined Robert Peary’s expedition to Greenland and returned home as the man who charted Melville Bay on the north-western coast of Greenland. He received the Order of St. Olav at age 21 – and a century later remains the youngest person to have received this prestigious award.


A hint of the Arctic

The restaurant’s fresh and exciting approach draws inspiration from Astrup’s momentous achievements. The restaurant’s a la carte menu are influenced by the Nordic cuisine. The chef, Joshua Wing, composes a tasty menu each month that includes a hint of the Arctic and a focus on seasonal produce. Vegetarian and vegan alternatives are also available. The wine list reflects the cuisine and is carefully chosen with respect for the small producer.

You will find the restaurant in cosy surroundings at Svalbard Hotel | Polfareren. We wish you an enjoyable overall experience!


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