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Concert in Mine no 7

Saturday 25 February 2023 20:00
at Gruve 7
Last few tickets

Extra tickets out now! Ps: Without transport

Welcome to our special concert during the festival – the concert in the hall of mine number 7. The mine is one the northernmost active coal mines in the world, and it is an important workplace for Longyearbyensinhabitants. Usually, the hall is packed with cars, grit and coal, but for the concert, it will be transformed into a pop-up concert hall, with a stage, lights and filled with outstanding classical musicians. Do not miss this very special concert experience in Longyearbyen during the world’s northernmost classical music festival.

Henning Kraggerud, violin
Amalie Stalheim, cello
Arctic Philharmonic, chamber orchestra

Composer Mette Henriette will be attending the concert. 


Claude Debussy, Clair de Lune

Mette Henriette, Cieda fas

Maurice Ravel, Fra strykekvartett

  1. movement
  2. movement


Aulis Sallinen, The Nocturnal Dances of Don Juanquixote), Op. 58

Vojcek Kilar, Orawa


Good to know:

  • Bus pick-up at Coop at 19.15 (return to the town-centre after the concert).
  • Beverages and snacks available for purchase.
  • Limited availability
  • Remember to wear warm clothes! The hall will be heated, but it will still be good to have a warm jacket.


Tickets: Last few tickets without transport included.

*This concert is included in the festival-pass.


Photo: Aggie Peterson
Under 18: Habaneroz
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