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Concert in Mine no. 7

Saturday 26 February 2022 18:00
at Mine no. 7

In the atmosphere of the mine, we will take you on a true musical journey, from 400 year old music from Italy, a passionate trip to Buenos Aires through Astor Piazzolla’s music, new and contemporary sounds from one of Norway’s new composers Anna Berg, and a minimalistic piece bringing the sound of union workers into the mine. 

The dutch explorer Willem Barentsz, who discovered Spitsbergen in 1596, and the italian composer Giovanni Gabrieli, was born in the same decade. We will start the concert with a unique and special performance with beautiful tones from one of Gabrieli’s canzonas. His music is definitely never heard performed in an arctic mine. Gabrieli was an Italian composer and organist. Gabrieli was one of the most influential musicians of his time in Italy, and it will be a special experience to hear the sound of his 400 year old music in the mine.

We are continuing with something new – a contemporary piece written by the talented young Norwegian composer, Anna Berg. In her piece Isomere, we meet an ensemble divided into sections that alternate in responding to each other through shorter and longer phrases. From this alternate song, a piano part breaks out with a distinctive rhythmical character. The piano calls on the ensemble, attempting to lure it out of its robust and rigid sound. The characteristics of the piano, colours the ensemble, before the sound of the ensemble surpasses and widens. Two chemical connections are Isomere when having the same molecule formula while still having different chemical attributes. In the same way, the material of the musical piece is extracted from the same source, but stretched and turned so that it appears different.


Conductor: Magnus Loddgard
Arctic Philharmonic sinfonietta
Sonoro Quartet


Giovanni Gabrieli, Canzon Septimi Toni a 8 (Ch.172)
Anna Berg, Isomere
Astor Piazzolla, Tango ballet
Astor Piazzolla, Oblivion
Louis Andriessen, Workers Union


ca. 60 min

Please note: bus transport is included in the ticket price. Bus
departure from outside COOP at 17.15, and return after the concert.

Photo: Eva Grøndal/ACMF

Photo: Yngve Olsen Sæbbe
MØRKE (Verda mi smeltar)
Rhapsody in Blue