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Concert at Mine No. 3

Saturday 20 November 2021
at Mine No. 3

The topic of this year’s festival i isolation. How does distance affect us? What binds us together? Music, is for sure a way to connect through emotions, without words. Let the festival musicians connect with you, through their musical performance. Come along to the hall of Mine number 3, just outside of Longeyarbyen.

Henning Kraggerud (violin), Ingrid and Maria Ose (flute), Andreas Brantelid (cello), Yuko Kawami (violin), Ellen Nisbeth (viola).

They will perform repertoire from the Finish composer Outi Tarkiainen, in addition to Henning Kraggerud’s own composing, and compositions by J. S. Bach and other classical gems.

Outi Tarkiainen: The Lustful Mother’s Heart
Henning Kraggerud: Preghiera
Johan Sebastian Bach: 2. movement from Concerto in d minor
Dimitri Sjostakovitsj, String quartet no. 8 in c-minor

There will be transport with a bus leaving from the parking lot outside of COOP.
Please follow the FaceBook event to be up to date about this.

Photo: Aggie Peterson
Clos up photo cello
Photo: D. Gonzales