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Sigri Sandberg


Sigri Sandberg is a well known Norwegian author who is particularly interested in topics around nature, climate changes and the weather. She has written about female polar explorers, and she is always longing to be outdoors.

She was raised in beautiful surroundings of mountains and ocean – and she has lived in Svalbard for many years. She has been on many outdoors excursions and expeditions, in light summer breezes as well as in orcans.

As a journalist she writes regularly for Aftenposten A-Magasinet and the magazine UTE (Outdoors). As an author, she has published five books, Polarheltinner (2012), Klimaboka (2011) and Vindtrollet (2015) – in addition to four books in collaboration with polar explorer Cecilie Skog.

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Sigri Sandberg
Photo: B. Amundsen