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Arktisk Filharmoni

Photo credit: Yngve Olsen Sæbbe

Based well north of the Arctic Circle, Arktisk Filharmoni is the world’s northernmost professional orchestra.

The musicians in Arktisk Filharmoni alternates between different ensemble formats on a regular basis. In the course of a year, you can meet them in variations from small chamber groups, as the sinfonietta ensemble in Bodø or as the chamber orchestra in Tromsø. When we join forces, you can experience the full symphony orchestra, as well as opera performances.

Arktisk Filharmoni seeks to consolidate the position of arts in the High North, and the orchestra’s programme reflects its focus on audience development.

The orchestra aims to present contemporary Norwegian music with particular focus on the High North, while at the same time managing a broad spectrum of the shared musical heritage, including the Sami region Sápmi.

Arktisk Filharmoni regularly commissions new works and focuses on multiple performances and recordings. We collaborate with North Norwegian bands and artists from other musical genres, including jazz, pop, folk music and joik, in an effort to raise the profile of the regional music scene, nationally as well as internationally.

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