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About ACMF

Welcome to the world’s northernmost music festival for classical music!

The Arctic Chamber Music Festival has been arranged in Longyearbyen, since 2018. Musicians from the Arctic Philharmonic forms the basis of the festival, performing in various formats together with the guests soloists. Over the years we have had som truly unforgettable moments, with exceptional performances by soloists like Truls Mørk, Henning Kraggerud, Berit Norbakken, Missy Mazzoli, Adrian Angelico, Imogen Cooper, Elbjørg Hemsing, Adrian Brendel and Peter Herresthal – to name some.

Our continued success

The second festival, with the theme of “Changes”, took place in Longyearbyen in June 2019. The soloists performing this year was Henning Kraggerud, Eldbjørg Hemsing, Imogen Cooper and Adrian Brendel and of course, musicians from the Arctic Philharmonic. The festival was also an arena for debates and seminars, with a special focus on human-influenced changes – a time to reflect and discuss important issue together with partner of the year, Arctic Frontiers.

The third festival was arranged in February 2020, featuring the artists Håkon Kornstad, Adrian Angelico, Mariann Fjeld-Solberg, Peter Herresthal and Tim Weiss together with the Arctic Philharmonic sinfonietta. Special to this year’s festival was the focus on the sound of the arctic, presenting the orchestral work with the same title, by composer Lasse Thoresen, commissioned by the Arctic Philharmonic and “created” with inspiration from Svalbard.

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